Taylor Swift Admits To Sleeping Late and Being Low-key Lazy

2019 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

photo via getty.

Taylor Swift said that she is a little on the lazy side.

In an interview, Swift said, "I’m sorta lazy. I slept until like 4 in the afternoon today. I'm low-key pretty lazy. It looks like I'm not because I do shows or whatever, and I write music sometimes. But I also deeply, aggressively love sleep."

While some fans loved her admission, others saw it for what it was. Since Swift tours and is up late, she probably doesn't go to bed at the same time most people do.

Swift also admitted to cleaning up her cats' litter boxes. She said, "Absolutely! I feel like my own cats would judge me if I didn’t. Because then I’d only be taking the good parts of cats and I wouldn’t be taking the struggles of cats."

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