Ariana Grande Cuts Her Iconic Ponytail In New Perfume Ad

Everyone knows that Ariana Grande's ponytail is her thing, so it's quite a sight to see the pop titan cut the iconic ponytail in her new fragrance ad, which is appropriately named "thank u, next."

On Thursday (September 19), the pop titan launched the perfume with a lengthy TV spot, which mocks her music video of the same name, where she recreated teen classics like Mean Girls, Legally Blonde and Bring It On. Unlike her viral video, this ad sees everyone in school, including Victoria Monet and new mom Colleen Ballinger, gossip about the perfume. "Supposedly she uses juicy raspberries in it so I've only been eating juicy raspberries for months so my breast milk will taste like her perfume smells," the former says.

"Rumor has it, she put part of her ponytail in it," another person says, before viewers catch a glimpse of Grande literally cutting her ponytail and putting it into the perfume. "Honestly, I'm not the biggest Ariana Grande fan, but I do hear the new fragrance is... somewhat promising," Grande says towards the end of the video.

"thank u, next," which is a collaboration with Ulta Beauty, serves as her seventh fragrance. "I wanted to make a fragrance that smells related to my first fragrance Ari but more summery, so I revisited Ari's fruity pear and raspberry notes and changed it up by adding some coconut," she previously said in a statement. "I was inspired to design a bottle that represented the message of my song ‘thank u next'—the emergence of the perfume from the broken heart represents moving forward from a challenging chapter."

Photo: YouTube/Ariana Grande

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