A Handful Of Nuts May Help Keep Us From Packing On The Pounds As We Age!


photo via getty.

Nuts may be a “superfood” that helps keep people from gaining weight as they grow older. Researchers monitored the weight and nut consumption of over 280,000 adults over 20 years and found that people eating nuts didn’t gain as much weight and had a lower risk of obesity.

People who made nuts a part of their diet on a regular basis only gained about a half a pound on average a year, where those who ate nuts seldomly gained a pound on average a year. 

The reports say that a dozen almonds or 10 walnuts a day will help to minimize weight gain mainly due to the nuts being rich in protein and fiber which keeps you fuller longer. 

Nuts are also easy to carry around for people on the go as they can be kept in a gym bag or at their desk for easy consumption. They are also good for the planet as replacements for animal protein and aid in keeping the global food system sustainable. 

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