Is Hershey’s Chocolate Collaborating With Yuengling Beer?

Hershey's Chocolate World Grand Opening At New York-New York Hotel & Casino

photo via getty.

Hershey's chocolate and Yuengling beer are collaborating for a chocolate and beer mash up. Yes! You read that correctly Hershey's and beer are coming together.

It is called a Chocolate Porter. Porter's are usually dark, intense, full bodied beers.

However, this beer smells like a Hershey kiss in a glass. It is also described as rich, malty, hoppy, chocolatey and decadent beer.

Now you might be wondering if it is sweet, it is not overly sweet or sugary as one might think.

This is a limited edition so if this is something you might want to give a try (only if you are 21 and over of course), you should probably act fast.

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