Alaska Airlines Debuts A Pixar Themed Plane

Airplane Traffic At JFK Airport in New York

photo via getty.

The stars of your favorite Pixar films are taking to the friendly skies thanks to a partnership with Disneyland and Alaska Airlines.

Dubbed "Friendship and Beyond at Disneyland Resort," the 737-800 jet features Woody, Buzz Lightyear and Jessie from Toy Story along with one of the Aliens. Peaking out of the boarding door is Rex the Tyrannosaurus.

"There's nothing better than landing happy on the way to The Happiest Place on Earth," notes Natalie Bowman, the airline's managing director of brand marketing and advertising, adding, "We love that we can celebrate Pixar Pier by taking these iconic characters on a brand new adventure."

Have you ever wondered what it take to paint an entire plane? According to news reports it takes 50 gallons of paint and 2,800 work hours spread over 24 days.

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