People Loving Starbucks’ Joker Frappuccino!

New York Comic Con 2019 - Day 1

photo via getty.

There is a new drink on the Starbucks secret menu and it is the Joker Frappuccino. 

The drink was created by a Starbucks barista, Brittanie Pyper, and the website 

To make the frappuccino it is pretty complicated, but with a little skill, it can be done with a smile. 

There are different variations of the drink being made at different locations and remember it is a secret item so don't ask for it by name unless it's being advertised. 

To order this drink you will first have to ask the barista to draw a smile on the side of the cup in strawberry syrup, then blend a Matcha Green Tea Creme Frappuccino. Pyper suggests that you ask for matcha powder to be mixed into the whipped cream but you can just get it on top. To finish off the drink ask for a drizzle of chocolate syrup. There you have it, the Joker Frappuccino!

Keep in mind there are different variations of this drink, like this next one. A Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with strawberry purée, mocha sauce, and matcha powder on top.

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