Oprah Winfrey Buys College Student A New Cell Phone

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photo via getty.

Oprah being Oprah just happened again.

Oprah Winfrey recently visited Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia to celebrate the 30th anniversary of her scholarship fund.

A student, Olufemi Yessoufou and his friend Zachariah Smith chased down Winfrey as she was about to leave. Yessoufou recorded the meeting. He said, "Hey, Oprah." She replied, "That's me, in your cracked phone." Yessoufou posted the footage on social media tweeting, "She played me."

Some people commented that Winfrey could have bought him a new phone. Last week. Yessoufou posted another picture. It was a new iPhone sent to him from Oprah. Winfrey's note said, "Dear Olufemi, We can’t have you out here viewing the world thru a cracked screen or a cracked cover. The new camera you’re gonna love for sure!”

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