Dennis Quaid's Former Co Star Had The Best Reaction To His Engagement News!

"Midway" Special Screening - Joint Navy Base Pearl Harbor - Hickam

photo via getty.

Dennis Quaid is one step closer to being a married man.

However, he is getting jokes from everyone regarding the age gap between him and his bride to be. Dennis is 65, his fiance Laura Savoie is 26.

Dennis Quaid's former co star Elanie Hendrix had the best reaction to his recent engagement news. Elaine Hendrix reminded Dennis Quaid that her character Meredith Blake on 'The Parent Trap' was the same age.

There were also children not happy with the relationship.

"Watch out for those twins," Hendrix tweeted, referring to the identical long lost sisters Hallie Parker and Annie James, who were both played by Lindsay Lohan.

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