Madonna Drank Lil Nas X's Beer at Her Los Angeles Concert

Eurovision Song Contest 2019 - Grand Final

photo via getty.

You haven’t made it in the music business until you’ve been graced by the presence of Madonna and Lil Nas X has made it! The “Old Town Road” singer stopped by Madame X’s show in Los Angeles and the pair had quite the conversation.

Madonna sat stage side with Lil Nas X as she admired the cold brew he was drinking, "That looks so thirst quenching, may I have a sip," Madonna asked, "If I drink this, I'll be getting some of your backwash," she quipped.

The musicians engaged in small talk with Madonna inviting the Atlanta native to her horse farm in New York, "I'll teach you how to ride, baby," Madonna declared, before belting out "Old Town Road."

Check out the full interaction below:

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