Chrissy Teigen Twitter Rants About Husband John Legend!

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People usually don't go on a Twitter tirade about their significant other. Chrissy Teigen just did on her husband John Legend. Legend invited his fellow coaches from The Voice over for a finale dinner. Teigen didn't know that the finale for the singing competition was last night. She was steamed. 

Teigen tweeted, "I didn't know tonight was The Voice finale. John invited everyone to dinner at the house after and I'm really mad because I didn't make a FINALE meal. I would have gotten a cake or something too?? Who the f--k does this? U don't win The Voice then eat short ribs."

But it didn't end there she continued, "I am always in charge of doing the fun, extra s--t and he has no idea how much I plan normally and he's like 'No, it's fine they just wanna have dinner' but it's literally the finale of their show???"

John Legend responded by trying to order a cake to help out, Chrissy Teigen tweeted that she ordered five. Legend apologized for stressing out his wife.

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