A Man Looks So Much Like Michael Jackson, People Want Him To Take DNA Test!

(FILES) US pop star and entertainer Mich

photo via getty.

Sergio Cortes didn’t know he looked like Michael Jackson until 1987 a photo journalist asked about his image while he was still in high school. 

Cortes says two weeks later, a couple of Swiss producers who were promoting Michael Jackson perfume, contacted him about doing some promotion for their brand.  

Since then Cortes has made a career out of impersonating the “King of Pop” and he’s done such a good job that fans want him to take a DNA test in order to prove that he’s not the real deal. 

Theories that Jackson was “still alive” began after Cortes posted about an upcoming show in Thailand. Although he doesn’t sound like Michael Jackson, his looks are identical. 

Check out the post below:

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