Ring And Amazon Sued Over Hacking!

Doorbell-Camera Company Ring Partners With Over 400 Police Departments, Raising Surveillance Concerns

photo via getty.

Did you get a Ring for Christmas? This news make you think twice about installing it. The device that is supposed to keep us secure is being sued for lack of security!

Ring and its owner, Amazon, are facing a class-action lawsuit. 

The filing says the company failed to give "robust" security to fight off hackers. There have been several well-publicized incidents of hackers getting into the Ring system and talking to children.

In one incident someone hacked a ring camera in an 8 year old's bedroom claiming to be Santa Claus saying that he is her best friend and that she can do whatever she wants. The footage was posted to twitter, check it out below.

The lawsuit says Ring and Amazon refuse to take responsibility for the hacks!

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