Find Out What The New Anti-Robocall Law Means For You!


photo via getty.

A bill signed into law Thursday morning should reduce the deluge of robo or scam callers Americans receive each day. 

The law lets phone companies block scam callers before they reach the customer and requires phone companies to block the scammers at no charge to the customer.

The law will also give authorities more enforcement powers to find and charge the scammers on the other end of the line.

The biggest part of the new anti-robocall law requires that phone companies put a system in place that will tell the customer if the phone number showing up on caller ID is an authentic number. This will combat numbers showing up on caller ID that read "IRS" or numbers that look local but aren't.

Now before you breathe a sigh of relief and start turning your ringer on at night, officials say that the bill will drastically reduce robocalls but won't eliminate them altogether.

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