Ben and Jerry's Wants You to get "Netflix and Chill'd"

A bite or 4 of ANY tasty Ben & Jerry's pint is pretty much ALWAYS A GREAT THING, especially when you share with a friend to cut down on calories! Ha! I love this company. They have such DELISH ice cream and are also very much on the forefront of politics, pop-culture and catch-phrases. They don't shy away from ANYTHING; like their latest " Netflix and Chill'd"! Yes, you read that right! Log on to binge watch your favorite shows/movies and enjoy this treat; its peanut butter ice cream with pretzels and fudge brownie pieces!! Ummm yes!!

P.S. if you eat the whole pint solo...u WILL BE "CHILLED" alright...nap time! What time can I come over with a spoon??🙂