The New Trend Is Re-Decorating Your Christmas Tree For Valentine's Day!


photo via getty.

Here is one way of recycling your Christmas Tree.

If you still can't bear to take down your Christmas tree halfway into January, use this excuse to keep the holiday spirit going for at least another month. Although both fake and real trees should have been down by January 6th many are now covered with candy hearts, lollipops, light up teddy bears and 'xo' decorations.

According to the hashtag #ValentinesTree, people are swapping out the holly for pink and red ornaments, feathers, hearts and flowers. Some excited Valentine's Day enthusiasts have opted to buy an artificial pink tree.

Close to 2,500 post on Instagram show off the new re-decorating trend for celebrating Valentine's Day. However, those on Twitter aren't so thrilled, says the UK's Mirror.

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