This Carb Themed Hotel Suite Is Covered In Donuts, Bagels And Pastries!


photo via getty.

Just when you have decided to give up all carbs, has a carb themed hotel suite that is covered in donuts, bagels, pastries and everything soft and doughy.

The Bread & Breakfast suite is a new concept from that allows the carb lover in you to live your best life. With the wallpaper, comforters and shower doors covered in bread and pastries you will be reminded of the joy that bread brings.

The suite is replenished with fresh bread and baked goods daily and you will receive a $100 credit for room service so you can get more carb filled goodies like mac and cheese, chips and burgers.

The room features tortilla blankets, biscuit and butter soaps and croissant lamps but you need to book quickly to enjoy because the bread and breakfast suite can only be booked from January 17th to January 31st exclusively at for $225 per night.

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