Help Name NASA's Mars 2020 Rover!

Yes, alot goes into building a Mars rover. All the parts, which need to survive the travel through the different temperatures and environments it will face, plus all of the computer parts, so it can do it's job on Mars, and communicate with NASA here on earth. But let's be honest, the most important part is...the name. What do we call the rover?

NASA is holding a contest to name the 2,300lb rover, which will launch towards Mars in July of this year. NASA has narrowed it down to 155 finalists, who are not only competing to name the rover, but will also win an invitation to the launch in Florida.

I've always been a fan of naming puppies a human name, like Joe, or Ricky. I feel like it would apply to a Mars Rover. Hey, why not Grover? Grover The Rover. What do you think? What would you name the rover?