Uber Tests Feature Letting Some Drivers Set Their Own Rates

So there's the battle of 'who has the cheaper price for the trip', between Uber and Lyft, but now they're adding another player to it...the actual driver. It's in testing mode for now, but Uber is allowing some drivers to set their own prices. The testing is taking place at Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, and Sacramento Airports, but if all goes well, this could add another twist to the ride share choice for you.

I guess it could work well for everyone, including the driver. If they feel the set Uber rate is too much, and impacting business, they could drop their rates, which could cause others to drop theirs, ultimately seeing drivers undercut each other. Good for the passengers, but could that affect Uber drivers, if they're willing to take a hit on rates?  It'll be interesting to see how it bodes for both, if the test goes beyond those airports, and into regular rotation everywhere.