Bigfoot Was Caught On Video In Washington

Blizzard Barrels Into Northeastern U.S.

photo via getty.

For the second time in less than a week, Bigfoot has been spotted in Washington state. Only this time, the mythical creature was captured on video.

The 31 second clip, released Monday by the state's transportation agency, shows a dark, blurry figure walking across the Intersate 90 wildlife bridge at Snoqualmie Pass. Just before it disappears over a crest, the creature appears to glance over its shoulder in the direction of the highway cam.

The video, which appears on Twitter, has sparked comments by hundreds of naysayers, most of whom cite the creature's glance at the camera as a sign the clip was faked.

One person commented, "I am sure it is in every Bigfoot's DNA to assure that when a camera is in sight, they must turn to look at it." Another wrote, "It's a dude, If Bigfoot was real, it's a wild creature. Wild creatures don't look behind them for mere micro seconds if they hear a noise." And while one agreed the creature isn't Bigfoot, she provided insight into it's real identity. She wrote, "That's cousin Pete. He is 6'6 310 pounds. Last I heard he is in hiding, trying to avoid the law."

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