Chipotle Is Working On Cauliflower Rice

Chipotle Stock Plunges 14 Percent To 5-Year Low After Weak Earnings Report

photo via getty.

Good news for low-carb lovers and plant-based diet fans! Chipotle is working on cauliflower rice!

Chipotle’s CEO says, "We are definitely experimenting with plant-based foods. We’re in the early days of it. What we want to do is make the world’s greatest cauliflower rice, as opposed to process something and make it seem like it’s something else."

Chipotle has taken a little longer to jump on the bandwagon but they do offer a tofu based filling but they are currently working on more plant based alternatives to offer their customers. Chipotle is looking for options that are less processed in comparison to meat alternatives like the Beyond Meat or Impossible Burgers.

Chipotle's menu is already short compared to other restaurants, only having 53 ingredients. This isn't the first time that chipotle has included items for people who follow a different diet plan, in 2019 they debuted a bowl that was Whole30 and Paleo diet friendly.

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