"Grey's Anatomy" Fans Are Furious

54th Monte-Carlo Television Festival - Day 3

photo via getty.

Thursday night's Grey's Anatomy was not pleasing to a lot of people.

The show was going to finally explain why Dr. Alex Karev suddenly left the hospital and his wife Jo.

(Spoiler) - The reason Karev (played by Justin Chambers) left was to go be with his ex Izzie Stevens (who was played by Katherine Heigl and left the show in 2010) and their 5-year-old twins. Karev revealed the news in letters to his friends on staff.

Fans furiously went to social media unsatisfied with the resolution. One person tweeted, "I wish they would have just killed Alex off than give us what we just got." Another person tweeted, "You ruined one of the best character redemption arcs in television history."

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