A Student Created A Network Of Shoppers To Help The Elderly During Pandemic


photo via getty

Amid the crowds and sparse shelves at the supermarkets, Jayde Powell and her growing army of volunteers are providing free grocery delivery to the sick and elderly.

Powell got the idea to help out during the coronavirus pandemic when her mother mentioned calling elderly neighbors to wee if they needed anything.

Jayde Powell is a pre-med student at the University of Nevada and is aware that older people who have heart lung or immune conditions are at risk for contracting the virus.

So she started the "Shopping Angels" by enlisting the help of 20 members of her medical fraternity, Phi Delta Epsilon, as well as other classmates and even others on social media.

Jayde doesn't want anyone to be afraid to reach out because of their budget. She created a GoFuneMe account to help those who might not be able to afford the essentials.

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