Here’s How To Keep Your Home As Coronavirus Free As Possible

Israel Steps Up Measures To Curb Coronavirus Spread

photo via getty.

Experts have tips to keep your home as coronavirus free as possible. People who work in essential jobs have a high chance of being exposed to SARS-CoV-2 (the technical name for the virus that causes COVID-19) and bringing it home. It is also hard to tell who is carrying the virus therefore, essential workers' families, partners and roommates are at an increased risk of being exposed in shared spaces and the virus can survive from hours to days. So here are some tips to keep your home as virus free as possible:

  1. First start by removing the clutter from around the sink and disinfect counters regularly.
  2. Keep a window open, fresh air will help to flush out viral particles in the air.
  3. Open blinds and shades, the sunshine puts pressure on viruses.
  4. DO NOT forget to clean the items you use every day, such as your phone, computer, laptop, etc.

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