How To Maintain Snacking Habits While Working From Home

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As more people stay at home for work due to the Coronavirus, keeping healthy eating top of mind may prove to be harder. Weight Watcher’s head of Nutrition and Wellness, Jaclyn London, RD, offers some tips. 

London suggests eating at the same time you normally would while in the office and identify if you’re craving foods out of boredom.

Making snacks ahead of time will make it easier for you to make the right choice. Putting fruit on skewers or opt for high protein cottage cheese or Greek yogurt to keep you fuller longer. 

If you have a problem with stress eating, London says moving your workstation and taking breaks can help you to avoid eating when you're overwhelmed. Stress eating isn’t a sign of failure and won’t make or break you, so be kind to yourself if you do eat the cake. 

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