Kim Kardashian Claims Taylor Swift ‘Is Actually Lying’


photo via getty.

As you may have heard, Taylor Swift went on social media to talk about the “Famous” phone call video that was leaked in its entirety recently. Kim Kardashian is now firing back at Taylor and insisting that she is “lying.”

On Twitter Kardashain said that she had a problem with Taylor’s publicist saying that Kanye never asked Taylor for permission. Kim says Taylor’s “lie” was about whether there was a call and the tone of the conversation. 

Kim also admitted the word “b**ch” was used without Taylor’s knowledge. The reality star said it would be the last time she would address the issue because “honestly no one cares.”

Taylor’s publicist also released her “unedited” original response and schooled Kim on what “edited” means then asked Kim who she pissed off for the video to be released.

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