Don't Get Caught In A COVID-19 Scam!

The UK Adjusts To Life Under The Coronavirus Pandemic

photo via getty.

The FTC wants you to be aware that with that stimulus check you will be getting comes someone who'd love to scam it right out of your hands. Just remember these tips to keep the Coronavirus crooks away:

The government will NEVER contact you and ask for your social security number, bank account or credit card number, so if someone over the phone or online is asking for it, it's a scam. Ignore those "threats" by crooks who say they'll put you in jail or take your house if you don't give them your stimulus check, too.

Stimulus checks haven't even been mailed yet! So if someone claims they have your money "now" and asks for your personal info to "deposit" the funds, it's a scam. Also, the government doesn't "charge" you to cash or deposit your check, so if someone calls asking for a fee, hang up!

Your inbox will probably get spammed with plenty of fake Coronavirus charities, cures or fees from people hoping you'll click their link and add some malware to your PC, too.

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