(WATCH)Trailer For Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian Docuseries

For all you Disney, Star Wars, Mandalorian fans... I'm sure you are all very excited about this news!

Disney+ is now bringing you behind the scenes of The Mandalorian, so all you Baby Yoda fans will be in your absolute glory.

If you check out the trailer below, the series is hosted by executive producer, Jon Favreau. In each episode, you'll see the cast and crew together for roundtable discussions with some never-before-seen footage and interviews!

We will get to see how some of our favorite characters have come to life. To me, it's always cool to see behind the scenes to see how the magic happens.

Maybe if we're lucky we will get some hints on The Mandalorian, Season Two!

Are you excited about this? Check out the trailer below.

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