Board Votes On The Fate of the OC County Fair it wrong that we were holding SOME HOPE, that one of our favorite annual traditions...the Orange County and then later the LA County Fair EVERY SUMMER...could still happen in SOME WAY??🙁 The rides, all the fun fried food, live entertainment, carnival games and more!! Its been on the books for a start date this year of July 17th-Aug 16th at the fairgrounds...I woke up with hope as the it was announced this am, that the board was meeting to see if there could be ANY way to pull it off...and sadly as I was writing this blog, the news was announced shortly after their meeting 'a unanimous vote in less than a 1/2 hour later...the OC Fair board decided to cancel this year's fair due to coronavirus concerns'🙁🙁🙁 Not TOTALLY surprised given what's going on right the fact that the fair has been attracting crowds well over a million plus people every year...sooooo, there's that🙁 Find out more here:

And brace yourself for similar news to be announced re the LA County Fair in September ;/ Time to learn how make funnel cake and churros at home! ;/ boo!!

For info on refunds click here: