Lizzo Shared How To Make A Vegan "McChicken" Sandwich!

Looking to get creative in the kitchen?

Lizzo is here to help! A lot of chain restaurants have been sharing their quarantine recipes and now many people have been recreating them with their own personal touch.

Lizzo shared her vegan McChicken hack on TikTok with us! If you've ordered one from McDonald's before you know it's a crispy chicken patty, mayo and iceberg lettuce.

For a vegan version, in the video we see she baked crispy vegan nuggets with some sweet potato fries. She took Red Hot seasoning and garlic powder which she sprinkled over the nuggets while they cook.

Then she toasted her bun with vegan mayo, and placed the nuggets with the lettuce inside the bread.

Seems easy enough. Check out the video below.

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