In Case You Missed It: MYfm becomes MOMfm as hosts celebrate their mothers

It was the twist added to our Mother's Day 2020 that we never saw coming... a pandemic that has everyone living under quarantine and 'stay at home' orders. Even socially distancing from those higher at risk, like those over 65 with compromised immune systems, has been highly discouraged. Like everyone else already missing their moms, the MYfm team improvised and for the first time we let our moms take over the airwaves and turned the station into 'MOM FM' from 10-3 and it was THE CUTEST!! 

Kevin Manno kicked it off with his mom Joanne from Valparaiso, Indiana.. Then, Valentine took over with his mother Sheila from Connecticut. Lisa Foxx was next up with her mom Loretta from Northern California. Jill's mom Karen joined virtually from just a few cities away and Mario Lopez had his mom Elvia on, who is at home with him and his family, quarantined together.

They all shared on the air funny, sweet moments together as moms introduced songs, told stories and cracked some pretty good jokes too! If you missed it, listen below and enjoy some quality time with our moms...whom like you, we can't wait to hug and squeeze IN PERSON, when the time is right. 

Kevin Manno & mom Joanne

Valentine & mom Sheila

Lisa Foxx & mom Loretta

Jill & mom Karen

Mario & mom Elvia

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