Evian & Elaine Hendrix Are Giving Out The Parent Trap Water Bottles

In honor of The Parent Trap's 22nd Anniversary, Evian and Elaine Hendrix are giving away special edition water bottles!

If you remember the iconic scene from the film when Meredith Blake takes a drink of her Evian water and then comes face-to-face with a lizard on the bottle. Here's the catch! There are only 10 up for grabs and you'll have to head over to Elaine Hendrix Instagram page for a chance to win.

You'll see her post where she is pictured holding one of the Evian water bottles. In order to enter, you just have to tag a friend in the comments of her post by midnight on July 24th. Random winners will then be selected through a drawing.

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Are you a fan of this film?

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