Stunning New Lakers Championship Mural Honoring Kobe Pops Up In Mid-City

So many incredible murals around Los Angeles these days...with MANY, truly emotional ones popping up, after the tragic loss of beloved NBA star Kobe Bryant & his daughter much has happened since their passing back at the end of January...but as most people know...the Lakers were hell bent on winning this year's championship #FORKOBE #FORKOBEANDGIANA ...and THEY DID IT!! While players and fans are still taking it all in...all the emotions, the excitement and everything in about this brand new mural...that is not only a beautiful tribute to Kobe and the team but its also enveloped in a theme that's reflective of what's been happening in our society...with signs in the mural saying 'Black Lives Matter', 'Education is Power'...'Justice Now'...

The mural is located on a wall of a Bixby Coffee on the 5500 block of Venice the Mid City area.

Thumbnail via Getty