SNL Recreated Kamala Harris' Look - In Less Than Two Hours!

Don't worry - this post isn't political! Just wanted to give that warning in a crazy political time!

If you caught Saturday Night Live this weekend, you likely saw this cold open sketch:

Whoever runs the costume/props department at SNL deserves props themselves...

In less than 90 minutes, costume designer Tom Broecker and wardrobe supervisor Dale Richards put together an identical look for Maya Rudolph to play the Vice President-elect... just after she was on stage in Wilmington, Delaware.

Broecker says, "It's an impossible task for any other place other than Saturday Night Live. We have the best people anywhere in the world."

Richards and Broecker say that they have no contact or in with anyone on the Harris campaign... and that execution on the look was all thanks to the skill of their team. Broecker has been at SNL since 1994; he's been nominated for an Emmy six times and a Costume Designers Guild award give times - with one win for each on his résumé.

Check out the full story from PopSugar!

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