Peace in the Streets Global Film Festival's Awards Program

When Carole Sumner Krechman founded the Peacemaker Corps Association (PCA) in 1997, her goal was to support the United Nations mission to promote peace, tolerance and nonviolent conflict resolution around the world.

In 2013, the Annual Peace in the Streets Global Film Festival (PSGFF) was added. Over 1,000 films from 30 countries on six continents have been submittedto date.

For the 2020 film festival, PCA/PGSFF partnered with the UN75. The PSGFF virtual awards will be the grand finale of this 75th anniversary year of the UN with the ceremony broadcast worldwide at 12pm (EST) on December 15.

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Youth 18 and under are invited to make a 1- to 5-minute video relating what Peace in the Streets means to them. Films can be made on any device: phones, tablets, or video cameras. These films are judged by their message, not technical skills.

PSGFF has given global youth a voice by providing them with filmmaking and storytelling skills and technical tools.

What are our youth thinking and feeling during this time of a global pandemic, international protests and uncertain future? You might be surprised at their thought provoking questions and commentary.

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