Orange County Residents 65 And Older Are Eligible To Be Vaccinated

Big news for those hoping that these vaccines will work and help millions all over the country 'get our lives back' after almost a year, of this devastating Covid 19 pandemic. The director of the Orange County Health Care Agency announced Tuesday that people age 65 and older are eligible to be vaccinated for COVID-19, saying "we need to do something fast in our community. It is not about just reopening our economy to us that's important. It is about taking care of our vulnerable community. Our seniors are dying," Dr. Chau said.

O.C. residents 65 years of age and older are now part of Phase 1A, making them eligible to be vaccinated, ALONG WITH critical and health care workers forming part of that tier. Locations will rotate weekly through O.C.'s five districts. The first was last Sunday at the Asian American Senior Citizens Service Center, where Chau said more than 220 seniors ages 75 and older got their shot. On Tuesday, the Disneyland Resort was gearing up to be the first of five Super POD sites in O.C. The goal is to complete all county vaccinations by July 4.

Registration info is here: 

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