104.3MYfm's What's That Noise Fall 2021

Valentine in the Morning's What's That Noise is back on MYfm! Your next chance to guess is at 3:25PM with Dave Styles!

Jackpot: $8,600

Last 5 Guesses:

  1. Playstation controller- Bobby from Los Angeles
  2. Popcorn popping- Alicia from Downey
  3. Opening a medicine bottle- Maria from Covina
  4. Opening a suitcase- Aungi from Hacienda Heights
  5. Shoes walking on the floor- Catherine from Banning

Congrats Eric from Anaheim! He won $3,500 for correctly guessing “ORANGE” with Dave Styles!

Congrats Nicole from Los Angeles! She won $17,800 for correctly guessing “Candy” with Valentine in the Morning!

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