Here's Some Of The Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks To Try For Dry January

Festive Cranberry and rosemary cocktail with ice. Alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktail

Photo: Getty Images

According to Variety, these are the BEST non-alcoholic drinks to try this January!

  • Lyre's Coffee Originale
  • Three Spirit Elixir
  • Spirity Non-Alcoholic Cocktails
  • Authentic Brewing Co. Non-Alcoholic Brew
  • Ritual Zero Proof Rum
  • Sovi Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé
  • Brooklyn Brewery Non-Alcoholic Beer
  • Ghia Apértif
  • Betty Buzz Mixers
  • Casamara Club Alta

Some benefits of Dry January that people have experienced are saving money, improved digestive health, lower calorie intake, and more!

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