The Laugh Factory in Hollywood Shows Support For Chris Rock

If you get a chance to drive by The Laugh Factory in Hollywood sometime this week, you'll see the marquee has been changed to support the comedian after he was slapped in the face by Will Smith during the Oscars on Sunday.

There has been plenty of controversy surrounding the incident and who was at fault, but sides are being taken. The marquee on in Hollywood has an image of Chris Rock and a statement that reads “Laugh Factory supports First Amendment right for all comedians. The comedy community loves & supports you Chris.”

Full story can be found here.

(Source: KTLA 5)

If you ask me, both Chris Rock and Will Smith were in the wrong relative to their actions. However, there should have been some semblance on professionalism from Smith after that joke. The only way to solve this is to have BOTH of them co-host at next year's Academy Awards.

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