Tarzana Woman Won $10 Million After Accidentally Selecting Wrong Scratcher

Umm, why doesn't this happen to me!?

A Tarzana woman won $10 million after selecting the wrong California Lottery scratcher.

Lucky LaQuedra Edwards was doing her thing at a Vons in Tarzana back in November, when she decided to put $40 into the CA lottery machine in the store. That's when someone rudely bumped into her and she accidentally selected a $30 scratcher she never gets. (This was all according to a press release from the CA lottery)

Being upset because she spent most of her money on one ticket, instead of a bunch of cheaper ones, she scratched it in her car and realized what she won - the ticket's top prize of ten million dollars.

The Vons where she bought the ticket also won a $50,000 bonus for selling a winning ticket, so it was a win-win for all involved, except the dude who bumped into her.

Source: KTLA 5

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