Orange County Ice Cream Shop Named Best In California!

Looks like the best ice cream around in the state is right in our backyard here in SoCal!

According to Yelp's latest list of best ice cream shops in each state for 2022, Confetti Italian Ice and Custard was named the best ice cream shop in California! Yum!

The rankings are based on reviews and volume of ratings from April 2021 thru April 2022. Confetti Italian Ice and Custard is located at 1175 Baker Street in Costa Mesa and their menu has a variety of delicacies from hand-crafted parfaits to Italian ice and Confetti specials. The menu also accommodates dietary restrictions including vegan friendly options.

So, who's coming with me to get a treat!

Full list of best ice creams in every state found here.

Source: Yelp/KTLA5

Cropped Hand Holding Ice Cream Cone

Photo: Getty Images

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