Air Taxis Are Coming To SoCal Skies To Save Time From Traffic!

Ready for flying cars? It's coming! Kinda.

A couple local SoCal companies are planning an all-electric fleet of "vertical-takeoff taxis" (which look sort of like helicopters) that can ferry passengers over the normally gridlock freeways of Southern California.

The one company, Urban Movement Labs, is a transportation-minded nonprofit launched by LA Mayor Eric Garcetti in 2019. The second is Overair, an electric vertical takeoff-and-landing company based in Santa Ana. They will be using "butterfly" aircraft that can ferry about 6 passengers totatl including the pilot, or can ferry 1,100 pounds of cargo,

The two companies hope to launch the fleet of vertical-takeoff taxis sometime in 2026.

Would you ride in them if it meant saving A LOT of time sitting in traffic on the freeways?

Source: LA Daily News

Los Angeles Freeway

Photo: Getty Images

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