New California Laws That Go Into Effect July 1

I can't believe we're halfway through the year, but here we are with some new California laws that go into effect Friday, July 1st.

One of the laws, originating from Senate Bill 328, states that middle school students cannot start school before 8am. Also, most high schools cannot begin before 8:30am. This aims to provide more sleep for preteens and teenagers to get the adequate sleep needed for growth and development. This is a great law, hopefully students will put it to good use and not sleep late!

Another one going into effect Friday is the minimum wage increase. Effective July 1st, minimum wage in the City of Los Angeles increases from $15 per hour to $16.04 per hour - for covered employees, meaning those who work at least two hours in any week within city limits. Unincorporated parts of LA will increase to $15.96 per hour.

Some good things to look forward to in SoCal!

Source: KTLA/FOX 11

Close-up of California on a map

Photo: Getty Images

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