Board Officials Will Permanently Close A Stretch Of Griffith Park

Back in June, officials closed off a stretch of Griffith Park Drive temporarily after concerns of safety arose when a 77-year old cyclist was killed by a driver back in April on Crystal Springs Drive.

On Thursday, the Board of Recreation and Parks Commission voted to permanently close that stretch of Griffith Park Drive, Travel Town to the Griffith Park Composting Facility, from all vehicle traffic.

"At a minimum, our parks must prioritize the well-being of people who visit for a peaceful walk or bicycle ride without fearing for their lives," Kaufman said. "The decision to reduce the number of vehicles speeding through the park is a good step toward preventing the next needless traffic violence tragedy. After all, Griffith Park is for the community, not the commute."

Hundreds of cars do pass by daily to avoid traffic from the 134 or 5 Freeway and doing this definitely helps bring back a sense of safety to the park. Many people run, cycle, walk, hike, etc. in the Griffith Park area and this gives them a sense of relief as safety precautions are being taken by officials. Head to FoxLA 11 for more.

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