Be Careful When You Go To Griffith Park As There's A Rise In Car Thefts

Next time you go to Griffith Park be careful when leaving valuables inside your vehicle because LAPD is warning the public about the rise in car break-ins happening recently.

“Be safe, lock your cars, hide your valuables. Do not leave credit cards, IDs or passports in your vehicles,” Gary Walters, commanding officer for northeast patrol, said during a news conference Tuesday.

If you visit Griffith Park, you'll notice signs that say "lock it, hide it, keep it" to remind you to be cautious before you leave your vehicle to enjoy the park. LAPD urges people not to leave valuables in plain sight because that is an easy target for thieves to go to when they notice items left out in the open. After watching surveillance videos from the incidents, authorities do believe that the break ins are being caused by organized theft groups from San Francisco and Oakland.

The break ins are mainly targeted towards rental cars because they're easily identifiable and it's more likely that there will be money or valuables inside such as luggage, purses, and passports. Be careful and make sure not to leave any valuables when you visit Griffith Park. The break-ins so far have not been violent but windows are being smashed to break into the vehicles. Click here for more.

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