Low-Income Patients At Irwindale Kaiser Permanente Received Free Surgeries

Something truly amazing just happened at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Office in Irwindale.🥺❤

According to ABC 7, over 20 people were able to receive free surgeries that they couldn't afford such as one patient named Karla Hernandez. She doesn't have insurance and was able to get her hernia fixed thanks to a new program that offered the free surgeries to those who are uninsured or underinsured in the San Gabriel Valley.

"Directly, we've probably impacted now over 350 lives as far as actually performing surgery or a procedure on them but the impact really extends beyond that with thousands of volunteers that we've had over the last 13 years," said Dr. Phil Mercado with Kaiser Permanente.

About 11 surgeons, 9 anesthesiologists, 36 nurses and 52 other medical professionals donated their work and time to help those who could not afford the life changing surgeries. This is such an amazing thing to happen and for more information head to ABC 7.

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