College Corps Helps Students Graduate With Less Debt By Serving Community

College Corps is a paid program that aims to help students across the U.S. by helping them graduate with less debt when they take on jobs that help the community.

"I like to refer to the College Corps program, we call it the California GI Bill because we're really saying to a new generation of Californians, 'if you're willing to serve your community, if you're willing to make a difference, then we're gonna help you pay for college,'" explains Josh Fryday, the head of California Volunteers.

The program has provided students like senior Jimena Torres from Cal State L.A. up to $10,000 for completing services during the academic year. Torres worked at Cal State's L.A. Food Pantry, which also provided real world experience for her sociology degree. This program is the first opportunity for Dream Act students to get some support for college. As of right now, there are 3,200 students participating in the program across 45 colleges and universities.

"Graduating debt free is a game changer, so there's multiple benefits but we know that student debt is crippling our younger generation," he said. "We know the impact it's having on the economy and we just believe in California that we can help students graduate with less debt, while also having them earn it and make a difference in the community."

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