104.3MYfm’s What’s That Noise Fall 2023

Valentine in the Morning’s WHAT’S THAT NOISE is BACK! You’ll listen for the noise at 7:25a, 8:25a, 9:25a, 11:25p, 1:25p, 3:25p, and 5:25p or above. Call in and take a guess, if you guess correctly, you’ll get the jackpot! If you guess wrong, the jackpot continues to increase!

Jackpot: $11,000! Your next chance to guess is Friday at 7:25am with Valentine in the Morning!

Last 5 Guesses:

  1. Parchment Paper - David from Los Angeles
  2. Record needle scratching a record - Mike from LA
  3. Tire Impact Wrench - Jessica from Long Beach
  4. Zipping or unzipping a tent - Valerie from Cypress
  5. Hairbrush Across A Leather Chair - Dania from Ventura

Clue #1: Fall

Congratulations to Dania from Burbank! She won $2,200 for correctly guessing 'popping a champagne bottle'

Congratulations to Michael from San Bernardino! He won $5,700 for correctly guessing 'someone taking a bite of watermelon'!

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