The Band Perry stopped by MYFM to talk about their new sound, pop-up shows, and Neil's love for Emma Watson. 

Last time the band stopped by, Kevin found out that Neil has a huge crush on "Beauty and the Beast" star, Emma Watson. When Kevin brings this up Neil replied with "well, she is always beauty...she loves me she just doesn't know it yet."

So basically... the wedding is coming very soon.

Something else that's coming soon is the band's third album, "My Bad Imagination" which is slated to be out by the end of this year.

When Kevin asked the siblings about the new sound, Kimberly replied with, "We as humans grow... hopefully I'm not the same person I was five years ago. I hope every year i'm getting a little bit smarter, at least... a little bit wiser." And that's something we all wish to do in life... grow.

However, the band does not want their fans to fret, they are still playing three of their country sounding songs when they're on tour. If you missed their most recent pop-up tour, don't worry they are going to have another one in the Fall (according to Kimberly).

Check out the interview below where the band reveals their dream tour partners.