Taylor Swift's EX Prom Date Reveals He Didn't Get Tickets To The Eras Tour

Opening Night of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour

Photo: Getty Images North America

Taylor Swift's EX prom date Whit Wright took to Twitter to reveal he did not get tickets to The Eras Tour! A fan tweeted a series of pictures showing Taylor Swift and Whit Wright attending the 2008 Hillcrest Prom, which was a special that aired on MTV. The fan asked in the tweet 'Did he get tickets to the eras tour', to which Whit responded 'Ha no tickets this way!' This tweet got so much fan engagement so Whit issued another statement saying,

Wow! I never could’ve imagined the attention this would get and the positivity from everyone! Firstly, my tweet was out of pure fun, I had no motive for recognition or handouts. The MTV gig was a great memory and everything that came with it was fantastic! Thanks for the love!!

See the tweets, and watch the MTV Special below!

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