Stranded Dog Waits For Her Family At Burned Down Home!

When the Weaver family woke up to flames outside their home, an area severely damaged by wildfires, they had no choice but to get out...during the time the family was getting out, their dog Izzy ran away and trying to find her through the chaos of the fire was too dangerous!!!

The family was forced to leave their home and dog behind.

However, a day and a half later, while the roads were still closed, Jack Weaver and Patrick Widen walked three miles back to the house.

In a video posted on Facebook of their return, you can hear the men trying to catch their breath when they see their house has been burned down, but someone was still standing...

Izzy comes out running!!! CUE THE WATER WORKS ;0 

She is back in the arms of her family and didn't have a single burn on her!

Check out the video below:

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